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Alarko Light Oil Burners

Alarko Light Oil Burners ALM Series 30 - 2064 kW


High Technology
Light oil burners are designed as a result of long term tests and by professionals experienced in case of liquid fuel. High technology production burners have the same operating efficiency with diesel fuel and light oil. Alarko diesel fuel and light oil burners comply with the European Norms (EN 267).

Maximum Safety and Reliability
Burners are designed complying with the regulations of European standards. Special care is taken for safety during production and each burner is factory tested.

High Efficiency - Low Fuel Consumption
Perfect air-fuel mixture and proper combustion is obtained with high efficiency by the special design combustion head and air diffuser. The same amount of energy is maintained with less fuel supply. By this means maximum economy for fuel consumption is provided.

Environment Friendly
Operates silently with highly efficient fan and perfect combustion is provided even for the boilers with high back pressures. Particular designs of combustion head and air diffuser assure operating with low CO and NOx emissions contributing to the environmental protection.

Wide Model Range and Full Series
2.5 - 174 kg/h capacity range, square and volute body, single and double stage, totally 13 models are available. Wide range of capacity enables the most suitable and economic selection.

Full Delivery
Alarko light oil burners are featured to burn the oils which have viscosities up to 1.5°E-6 cSt (at 20°C). Single or double stage burners are factory-equipped with standard operating components, factory-adjusted and completely mounted and delivered in full with the fuel hoses and nozzles.

Boiler-Burner Conformity
Correct burner selection for the boiler, burner flame length and diameter conformity with combustion chamber are the most important factors affecting the combustion quality. Alarko burners operate properly and silently with the boilers having either low or high back pressures. The best matching of boiler and burner is determined and certificated after prolonged tests.

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