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Alarko Medium and Heavy Oil Burners ALF Series 67-1.968 kW

Alarko Medium and Heavy Oil Burners ALF Series 67-1.968 kW

The first national design liquid fuel burner producer Alarko's burners are used by thousands of boilers for many years and are exported to abroad. One of the leading burner producer in Turkey, Alarko Carrier, developed new ALF series burners as a result of continuous studies taken 3 years at its re-established Research, Development and Test Laboratory for 2000's.


- Environment friendly
- Trouble-free
- Highly Efficient
ALF series medium and heavy oil burners are developed as high efficient and less harmful for the environment due to the polluting disposals. Alarko medium and heavy oil burners provide trouble free, safe and full automatic operations with the equipment supplied from the most qualified component producers.

Full Delivery
ALF series burners are prepared with the standard operating elements mounted, factory-adjusted and completely assembled to bedelivered in full.

Wide Capacity Range
ALF series burners provide the best and the most economic alternatives with the wide capacity range for households, small-medium commercial and industrial establishments, hot water boilers.

High Efficiency and Low Fuel Consumption
The construction for air suction and fuel-air mixture preparation provides ideal and highly efficient mixture. By this means stable combustion with maximum fuel economy is maintained.

Light and Silent
Reliable capacity is provided with particularly designed wing, lighter due to volute shaped aluminium injection body. Silent operation with acoustic isolation.

High technology product. Quality and durable material. 100% post-production tested. Reliable capacity.

Low Emmision
Low rates unburned oil in combustible products.

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