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Hober Solar Pump Inverter

Hober pump inverters  is an off-grid solar inverter converting the DC power output from the solar panel to AC power supply for pump operation. It can be used in both new and existing systems as long as the motor specs are compatible and is suitable for use with a variable frequency drive.

Fully Automatic 
Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump. 
2nd Gen MPPT Function: Automatic. Efficiency is 30% higher than the inverter who need to set the MPPT voltage. 
LED display of Input Voltage and Output Frequency 
Without Programming 
OneKey to startup/stop 
Parameters display include: Input Voltage , Output Freq, Error Flag 

Input Anti-reverse 
AC Out Phase lost (3Phase) 
AC Output Short Circuit 
Dry run By sensor detecting 
Over Flow of Tank by sensor detecting 
Solar Low Voltage 

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