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Terrier thermostatic radiator valves

Terrier thermostatic radiator valves

Terrier thermostatic radiator valves are manufactured to exacting standards by Pegler Yorkshire to ensure reliability. Terrier TRVs are an immediate step towards making heating systems more energy efficient. With its accuracy in temperature setting and response Terrier TRV will close when heat is not required.

  • ‘A’ rated TELL approved, the first choice for thermostatic energy efficiency
  • Proven to deliver annual cost savings of up to 40% through improved temperature control and without compromising on comfort
  • Bi-directional flow for installation flexibility
  • Double ‘O’ ring seal for enhanced reliability
  • Clear temperature settings for the visually impaired
  • Available in compression, adaptor and integral push-fit to suit a variety of pipe
  • Approved to EN 215
  • Temperature flexibility from 0ºC - 28ºC settings
  • Low hysteresis, ensuring rapid response to temperatures
  • Economy settings for maximum energy efficiency
  • Improved nominal flow rates for both bi-direction applications

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