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Terrier i-temp

Terrier i-temp
Terrier i-temp is a revolutionary
programmable radiator thermostat that
controls time and temperature per
individual radiator, with the unique ability
to Zone areas with complicated isolation of
pipe work. Intelligent technology that cuts
fuel costs and CO2 in a cost-effective way
by heating only areas at the times required.
Terrier i-temp has built-in communication
technology that allows products such as
window sensors to be ‘taught in’. The
sensor signals the i-temp to reduce the
temperature setting and immediately stops
heat wastage.
A simple, discreet sensor that compensates
for our heat wastage habits, especially in
commercial environments.

Create independent time and temperature areas
Programme flexibility
Temperature limit and lock down
Anti tamper and security options
Save on fuel cost by reducing heating demand
Automates and reverts to energy saving modes.
Signals your Terrier i-temp Programmable Radiator Control (PRC) to reduce temperature on window opening
Signals the Terrier i-temp (PRC) to return to normal operation on window closing
5 year battery on window sensor
Integrates with multiple Terrier i-temp (PRC) and window open sensors for maximum energy savings.

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