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Cwell floor standing series fan coil


The fan coil unit (FCU as below) have no energy itself but through pipeline of central air conditioner supplying with chilled or cooled water into the copper tube of heat exchanger inside house, and the fan blow through the heat exchanger to cool or heat the temperature of the house. The FCU is characterized with energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise, reliable and convenient to select and install. 

Application scope 
The unit is widely used together with central air conditioning system in hotel, hospital, medicine factory, theater, commercial building, office building, enterprises, chemical industry, exhibition room, research institutes and so on. 

Rating capacity: Cooling:Inlet air dry-bulb temperature 27'C;wet-bulb temperature 19.5'C;inlet water temperature 7'C;outlet water temperature 12'C.Heating:Inlet air dry-bulb temperature 21'C;Cooling water inlet temperature 60'C; working pressure: 1.6 MPa. 
Size: FP-136 LZ,170 LZ,204 LZ,238 LZ. 
Tube size: inlet/outlet water pipe RC3/4 Condensing drain pipe R3/4 Installation, use and maintenance

Installation of unit 
The unit shall be installed by professional personnel. 
The fan coil unit shall be handled with cares and protected from heavy compression. Handling the unit with hand holding the impeller or spiral case shall not be allowed. 
Before installation, the unit shall be checked for damage. In case of collision damage, deformation or dropping of fan motor, please contact the dealer for repair or replacement. 
For safety, the lifting apparatus for the unit shall be sufficiently strong to bear running weight and vibration. The unit is merely allowed to bear its own weight and shall not be stressed by air pipeline and water pipeline or other external objects. The unit shall be kept level, or the condensed water would overflow. 

Connection of pipeline and anti-frosting measures
The water inlet and outlet pipelines shall be connected carefully and the torque shall not exceed the specified value. It is recommended to seal the connections with sealing tape to avoid torsion-generated leakage. 
The water inlet and outlet pipelines shall be thermally insulated to avoid generation of condensed water. 
The condensed water pipeline shall have drain slope of at least 0.005 to facilitate draining of condensed water. Electrical connection
The unit shall be wired as per the instruction of connection box and the unit is fed from 1/N/PE AC 220V 50Hz power and the power voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage by 10%. Excessive high voltage would result in increased noise, too low voltage result in insufficient air flow rate, and fluctuating voltage result in damage of motor.
If case of in-gang operation of several units with a common switch, it is merely applicable to units of same model and specification and their wiring shall be correct and consistent, otherwise, the motor would be burnt out. For the sets of in-gang units, the capacity of the switch shall be considered. In-gang operation of units of different models or specification shall not be allowed.
Requirements of water supply 
The cooling water and the hot water for the unit shall be softened water of temperature not below 5'C and not above 80'C respectively and the water shall be clean. Steam shall not be used. 
Before initial running, the water inlet and outlet valves and the washing water system shall be at first closed and then the valves opened. The system water outlet shall be fixed with a filter to avoid foul or blocking of coil.
Frost crack prevention
In case of external temperature below 2'C, even under shutdown state the water inside the coil shall be still kept at circulating. 
In case of shutdown in winter, all circulating water shall be completely drained from the unit and its pipeline of water system.

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