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ALARKO solid fuel room heater

Alarko Solid Fuel Room Heater

Fast Heating
The room heater should have heated to
house in a very short time after being
turned on. We made a design with high
heat transfer surface and low water.

Ease of Use
It should have been easy to retrieve
ashes. We ensured that the grill can
be toppled easily from the outside
and the ash to transfer to the vessel.
The operation got much easier.

Large Fuel Compartment
It shouldn’t have required frequent trips
to the heater. We kept the furnace part
large enough to load on day’s worth
of coal. Also, we produced a boiler
that could use whatever is around as
fuel. It became possible to use wood,
nutshells, apricot kernel shells, turd as
fuel as well as coal.

Easy Maintenance
Maintenance need should have been
low. With easy toppling, we also
prevented the grill from accumulating
slag. There is no more need to stab
the grill openings.

Energy Saving
It should have been economical.
We used electronic hardware that
controlled the burning automatically.
Thus, we prevented unnecessary fuel

Easy to Clean
It should have been easy to clean. We
ensured access to smoke tubes with
an easy opening door. Since the boiler
tubes were vertical, the soot was made
to fall on the ash compartment below
during cleaning.

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