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ALARKO CAST iron boiler

Alarko Cast Iron Boiler
Varied Options: 22 models with capacities between 65.000-800.000 Kcal/hour.
Elastic Casting Technology: Cast iron panel boilers are produced by using Elastic Casting Technology provided by special alloys of EN GJL 200 material. The resistant of the cast sections against to thermal shocks is increased to high levels by the special alloy materials used at cast production. 

Environmentally Friendly: With its special designed combustion chamber perfect conditions of combustion and lowest values for emission rates. 

3 Pass Flue Gas System: 3 Pass Flue Gas System Most efficient burnery is attained by forcing flames & combustion gases to flow through 3 independent parts of heat transfer volumes. Flow through low temperature combustion chamber allows low NOx values to be attained than regular boiler systems. 

Insulation: By covering the iron cast boiler sections with 80 mm glass wool including aluminum folio coating perfect insulation is provided. By using ceramic fiber insulation material with 1300°C resistant at the front cover the high temperature may occur here is prevented. 

Combustion Chamber: With special designed winglets inside the combustion chamber and combustion gas pipes the heat transmission surfaces are increased and so by maximization of the heat transmission boiler output is increased. Perfect compatible 

Perfect Compatible Operation With Gas/Diesel Fuel Burners: Full operating compatibility with standards, gas, diesel and fuel oil burners and efficient operating. 

Flame Monitoring: Monitoring of the burner flame without opening the front cover is possible by monitoring glass resistant against high temperature. 

Easy Installation: Because the cast iron boilers can be carried as slices to the boiler room, it does not create a problem, such as destruction of any wall. The installation is very easy. 

Simple and Easy Maintenance: Because the front cover can be removed from front side it makes simpler the maintenance. Full Quality Control: The boiler panels were tested 100% at 8-10 bars. 

Guarantee: The cast iron boilers are under the 5 years guarantee of manufacturer for the production defects.

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