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ALARKO ALDENS condensing boiler

Alarko Aldens Condensing Boiler
Wall Type Premix Condensing BoilerElegant and Modern Design

• Very small dimensions for its capacity 
• Elegant control panel with Turkish menu 
• Exchanger maintenance without draining boiler or heating system water even while the heating system is under pressure 
• Patented and specially developed exchanger hanger system 
• Utility model certified control board protection box 
• All electrical network and signal outputs required are carried to the rear of the front panel box with terminals for ease of connections


• High condensation efficiency up to 109% 
• Ideal gas-air mixture, high efficiency, low noise level, low flue gas temperature and low emission rate thanks to the premix system, environmentally friendly product 
• Capacities of 105, 130 and 150 kW ( at 50/30°C) 
• Massive project solutions with cascading capability up to 16 x 16 = 256 units and 38.400 kW
• Minimum stop and start operations, maximum fuel saving with the very extensive heating modulation range (19 to 100%) 
• High efficiency proved by the very low flue gas temperature (flue gas temperature reduced up to 31.4°C) 
• Durable stainless steel exchanger with long service life 
• Natural gas compatible 
• Certified for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and LVD (Low Voltage Directive) 
• 6 bar maximum operating pressure 
• 6 bar safety valve and expansion tank connection T piece are provided free of charge in each boiler package 
• Complies with EN 15502 norm (gas fired boilers with a rated heat load under 1,000 kW)

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