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FERROLI solid fuel boiler

FERROLI, world player in HVAC market since over 50 years, provides complete solutions for heating, and production of domestic hot water. Gas, oil and solid fuel cast iron boiler have been carefully designed by our engineers and produced in modern foundry and production premises in San Bonifacio, in the north-east of Italy. 
> High yield GG 20 (EN-GJL-200) cast iron solid fuel boiler, fit for wood or coke combustion. 
> Pellet operation after assembling of the burner plate and the pellet burner SUN P. > Class 3 efficiency according to EN 303-5. 
> Efficiency until 81% burning wood, thanks to large exchange surface of cast iron sections. 
> Generous combustion chamber, until 128 dm3 , which allows burning of large logs and less wood refueling. 
> Adjustable smokes deflector on back flues outlet. 
> Stainless steel ash tray with easy front access. 
> Thermostatic regulator supplied as a standard. 
> Safety overheating device available as an optional.

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