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Lantrun Aegis hybrid Inverter

Lantrun Aegis 3600-5000ES Hybrid Inverter Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter

Advantages that makes it more suitable for usage:
Save more cost
How? In the daylight, Hybrid energy storage system produces electricity through solar power and  satisfy house loads, e.g. refrigerator, TV, left power will be stored into battery(either Lead-acid or Li battery), if there’s still more power, it can be sold to electricity grid. 

Your storage battery then release power at the time(e.g. 6p.m. to 8p.m.) that you have set in advance.That’s how the hybrid system helps to save peak-time electricity bill.
Be independent:
The hybrid energy storage system supports you at any incident power cut, you'll never have to worry again in the middle of showering, cooking, typing, hot summer or mid night.

Always make sure your energy storage inverter has off-grid function. If not, the system will not work under power-cut.
Effect on grid’s stability:
Lantrun system’s Zero Export function allows electricity grid to adjust its output power, enhance not effect stability and safety of the electricity grid.

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