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JFY XPI series hybrid charger and inverter

XPI series single-phase off-grid inverter consist of 3 functional modules: solar controller, pure sine wave inverter and insolated transformer. The controller adapts MPPT technology and intelligent battery management design which is very efficient and smart; integrated pure sine wave inverter and low frequency isolated transformer makes it with excellent overload performance, suitable

for a variety of electrical appliances. It supports mains/generator input, take advantages of old diesel generators, saving initialinvestment and operation maintenance cost. XPI series is mainly applied in remote animal husbandry, fishery area and big family to solve people’s electricity problems.


  • MPPT controller, maximize utilization of solar panels
  • Integrated design with controller, inverter and transformer
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Output isolated transformer, safe and stable
  • Mains/diesel generator input interface (optional)
  • Excellent overload capacity
  • Suitable for all sorts of electrical appliances
  • Intelligent battery management function
  • Complete protections
  • LCD display + LED status indicator

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