Plot No.14 & 15, Hospital Boulevard, Sector –A ,DHA Phase-II, Islamabad,


Solar Panels



Calyxo Thin Film Panels

Solar Pumps

Grundfos Submersible Sumps

Grundfos DC Submersible Pumps

Alarko KPS series

Alarko DMD series

Alarko AL series

Solar Pumping Inverters

Hober solar pump inverter

Larens solar pump inverter

On-Grid Inverters


SolaX X3 - ZDNY

GOODWE MT series inverter

GOODWE DT series inverter

Lantrun - AEGIS DTL on grid inverter

Lantrun Aegis hybrid Inverter

Off-Grid Inverters


JFY XPI series hybrid charger and inverter

ETS hybrid charger and inverter

Solar equipment

Manual solar tracker

Solar Desalination unit

Ningbo Zihong hybrid AC

Water Pumps and Boosters

Heat Exchangers

Hot Water Radiators & Fan Coil Units

True lnk URP series towel warmer

True link CFP series towel warmer

True link SFP series towel warmer

True link CRP series towel warmer

True link SRP series towel warmer

True link CRM series towel warmer

True link SRM series towel warmer

Cwell floor standing series fan coil

Catkin fan coil unit

Estro fan coil

Quattro Quinn radiator

Ferroli steel panel radiator

Armatura aluminium radiator

True link die cast aluminiun radiator

Alarko Panel radiator


Alarko light oil burners

Alarko ALG Series Gas Burners 30-1.861 KW

Alarko Medium and Heavy Oil Burners ALF Series 67-1.968 kW

Hot Water Boilers

Alarko decorative combi boiler

Motal wall hung gas boiler


ALARKO solid fuel room heater

ALARKO solid fuel steel bar

ALARKO gas and liquid fuel boiler


ALARKO CAST iron boiler

ALARKO ALDENS condensing boiler

ALARKO full condensing boiler

FERROLI solid fuel boiler

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Osaka Inter-Trade Dehumidifier


Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

Terrier decorative manual radiator valves

Terrier decor thermostatic radiator valves

Terrier push-fit manual radiator valves

Terrier manual radiator valves

Terrier push-fit thermostatic radiator valves

Terrier thermostatic radiator valves

Terrier i-temp

Belmont push-fit manual radiator valve heads

Belmont manual radiator valves

Belmont accessories

Belmont thermostatic radiator valve bodies

Belmont push-fit thermostatic radiator valve

Belmont thermostatic radiator valve heads

Pegler thermostatic radiator valve

Thermostatic valves

Water Storage and Expansion Tanks

Alarko expansion tank

Chinese water tank WT-T series

Chinese water tank WT-A series

Alarko indirect accumulation tank

Alarko hot water storage tank