Product Models Detail

Hober Solar Pump Inverter

LED Display Type:

  • Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to the water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump.

  • Second Generation of MPPT Function: Automatic /don’t need set MPPT voltage by LCD/LED. Efficiency is Max to 30% higher than the inverter who need to set the MPPT voltage, more output water flow.

  • One Key for Startup/ Stop,support to adjust the output water flow also.

  • Without battery,storing water is more efficient than storing electricity,reduce the cost of construction ,operating and routine maintenance

  • Fully automatic operation, Non-parameters to setting , best user experiences.

  • Connect the Input,output, sensor(optional) wire, and ensure each wire is correct and input voltage within the range, then open the Knob switcher, inverter will working automatic.

  • Led Status : Power, Running, Stop, Well , Tank, Fault.

  • Parameters display include: Input Voltage , Output Freq, Error Flag


  • Full Automatic
  • MPPT, without Setting of Solar Panel
  • LED display of Input Voltage and Output Frequency
  • IP65
  • Without Programming
  • OneKey to startup/stop
  • Input Anti-reverse
  • AC Out Phase lost(3Phase)
  • AC Output Short Circuit
  • Dry run By sensor detecting
  • Over Flow of Tank by sensor detecting
  • Solar Low Voltage